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I think it's odd they'd get six axle power. Giti Tire is around the 13 mile marker going off the top of my head. Circle S is at MM17, not far from Chester. They probably would not take them on the Kershaw Branch. I could have seen some of the Canadian National type GP40-2s like the Yadkin Valley uses.

The NS R line sees the same trains as they have for years with some Wateree coal trains and Augusta ethanol trains thrown in. NS could theoretically move 337/338 to the W line, but that line is actually seeing more trains now.

So even though I didn't take NyQuil, I did take two Percocets, so keep that in mind as you read this. I don't know how busy Giti Tire will be railroad wise. But since the railroad sold them the most prized piece of real estate on the line, I assume it will be a big customer. One article I read said they would use containers to import and export out of Charleston which leads us to the possibility of intermodal on the L&C.

So it occurred to me that NS might let the L&C bring the cars to Rock Hill. Chester can already get crowded already and the locals like to complain. But of course you don't need six axle power to get to Rock Hill.

So then I thought, What if the L&C takes them to Columbia instead of Rock Hill? Now that could be interesting.

Then I also wondered if It might be of interest to both railroads to let the L&C get into Rock Hill via the SB line for the Kershaw traffic.

Oh, well. Enough speculation. We'll know soon enough. The new power should be here soon and I understand it'll be used starting off taking grain trains to Circle S
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