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Crash history from that location found in the B&O Yahoo Group:

There was a multi-fatal accident at on Metrorail's (Washington, D,C,) Red Line
yesterday afternoon at 5:02pm.

At this point, 7 are dead with 70 injured, some serious. It was a rear end
collision between trains, one stopped and the other at full speed, the worst
accident in Metrorail's 33-year history. It happened between the Takoma and Fort
Totten Metro stops. It is a location known as Terra Cotta. The Takoma Metro
station is across the track from where the B&O's Takoma Park Station once stood.

That part of the Red Line runs between two CSX tracks, which handle CSX Freight,
MARC commuter and Amtrak trains. All of that service has been cancelled for now.

And now for the eerie part.

On that same stretch of track, when it was the B&O's Metropolitan Sub Division,
on December 30, 1906, a freight train rear ended a stopped passenger train
killing 83. Both trains were EASTBOUND (See The Sentinel, Fourth Quarter 2006
and First Quarter 2007)

Then on February 26, 1941, a freight train rear ended a stopped freight, killing
the engineer. Both trains were EASTBOUND.

In the 1970s, on two separate occasions, freight trains derailed at that
location, both trains were EASTBOUND.

And now yesterday, both trains were "southbound" which is railroad EASTBOUND.
This happened at almost at the exact location as the 1906 incident.

All EASTBOUND, three rear collisions of standing trains, at Terra Cotta.

It makes me stop and wonder.

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