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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Congrats on getting this one in, Loyd!

Image © Loyd Lowry
PhotoID: 653114
Photograph © Loyd Lowry

I'd be curious as to what happened. The original link to the rejection doesn't work, so I'm assuming you appealed and got the original submission in?

Anyway, nice shot. Wish it were mine. I think I told you my tale of woe about my aborted trip to VA last summer. JetBlue left me high and dry. The only 611 pictures I have were from Jim Wrinn's museum shoot a couple of years back. Those were OK, but it's like photographing tigers in a zoo.....just not the same as catching them out and about.
I didn't appeal lol. I guess the powers that be took it upon themselves to do it. I received an email yesterday saying my appeal was processed and accepted and went WTF mate? I am pleased that 4:5 still lives on though so thank you Chris.

I think my last appeal was in 2010 (Wonder if there's a record of it on the server side archive?)

As for getting your shot at 611.. You may have another opportunity later.

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