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Default UP Steam Photo Opportunity

Union Pacific has announced its UP 3985 steam locomotive will be on tour and displayed in several U.S. cities. Here is the schedule for anyone who would like to go get pictures of it:

During this tour, the 67-year-old locomotive will be on display in:

* Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 3 and Oct. 11;
* Jefferson City, Mo., Oct. 5; and
* St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8; and

The Challenger will make overnight stops in:

* Denver, Colo., Sept. 28;
* Cheyenne, Wyo., Sept. 29;
* North Platte, Neb., Sept. 30 and Oct. 13;
* Marysville, Kan., Oct. 1 and Oct 12;
* St. Louis, Mo., Oct.6 and Oct. 7; and
* Sedalia, Mo., Oct. 9.

These are all dates in 2010.
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