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Interesting thread, I would have to say that technically I trespass to get my photos either along UP or BNSF right of way. I prefer being above the train when ever possible (either a small rise or embankment. I strive to take photos away from switches but at times I have taken photos near them. I have taken photos on the rails themselves, I donít recommend it to any one nor do I expect to do that in the future. But some of my photos on site were taken directly on the mainline from times past.
While out either rail fanning or just on errands I cross the tracks at crossing, on a few rare occasions I have crossed the rails on foot where I have clear views in both directions for at least 2000 feet and again never near switches. Even at crossings I slow when ever possible, lower windows, and look and listen. No matter how quiet the scanner or the rails seem to be I always expect a train. So I continually scan the track both directions. I believe our hobby is a hazardous one but can be practiced safely. Iíll be the first to admit when I started in this hobby that I made a lot of mistakes in my actions taking photos and was fortunate not to be injured or killed.
Slightly off thread, but one example how things have changed for me in this hobby, in 2005 Brett Wrick and I walked some seven miles one way to a derailment site in Meadow Valley Wash. Since the Virgin River was still just at or below flood stage the only way in was along the rails, all roads were washed out. Even with the line shut down and the first work trains unable to use the rail line due to the numerous wash outs. I still kept looking behind me every few seconds for a train.
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