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Everything I've read says ProPhotoRGB is amazing...but don't use it! The majority of monitors/browsers/etc are not capable of displaying it. So the file gets converted to a grainy green sRGB interpretation.

Its really shameful that ProPhotoRGB came out in 2011 and this problem has still not been addressed. Additionally, that lightroom/PS would by default work in this color space without alerting the user is quite frustrating.

All the pictures I submitted to CRRPA were done in ProPhotoRGB prior to my discovery of its significant faults. I'm extremely disappointed that these photos I've worked so hard on will look like pure shit unless they use one of the few programs set up to handle the 16bit color space.

Lastly, I can't just change the color profile on these images. I have to change to sRGB and re-edit EVERYTHING... Has not been a good week...
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