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Originally Posted by Ween
Just a thought on rejecting photos: Even though a photographer is not on RR property and is not posing an immediate threat from where he's shooting, what about five minutes beforehand when he was going 80 MPH and dodging traffic to get in front of the train? Or driving while listening to his scanner?
As I recall there was a thread on this sometime back. The individual was acting just as you described and the info was posted here. Through date and area people were able to figure out who it was. I would presume some people stopped viewing his photos cause of this incident, if they hadn't already.

Not suggesting we have people follow each other around and report thier behavior. I could be making a mountain out of a molehill. But I doubt any railfanning will be allowed in the area the gentlemen was killed. Like I said earlier I would hate for this hobby to disappear cause of foolishness.

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