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This is why I feel a photo should be rejected if it was taken on RR property or compromised the safety of the photographer or train crew.
Just a thought on rejecting photos: Even though a photographer is not on RR property and is not posing an immediate threat from where he's shooting, what about five minutes beforehand when he was going 80 MPH and dodging traffic to get in front of the train? Or driving while listening to his scanner? Will those have to be rejected as well if witnessed and reported by someone else? Rejecting photos of people in 'ill advised' situations or places won't do a thing...reading about someone getting killed doing this hobby will.

Didnt you see or hear the train coming?
This seems obvious and it's easy to dismiss the person as being a moron or stupid, but as was mentioned before, it's loud when you're trackside. So loud, in fact, I try to wear hearing protection when there's a train going by. If you have a train moving by, sound gets distorted and it's tougher for your ear to have the directional abilty it has when it's not being overwhelmed by tons of steel lumbering by.

Another factor to consider in this case is channelized attention. The railfan was probably so intent on getting his shot, that his brain was channelizing all its focus on accomplishing that task. Channelized attention is a common factor in airplane crashes, and one that is heavily focused on when discussing how to prevent crashes in the future.

As far as true morons, who aren't suffering from channelized attention and willingly or ignorantly walk in front of a moving train deserve to have their genes weeded from the pool...
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