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This is sad. I did a Google news search and couldn't find anything. Anyone have a name or know if they contributed to this site?

Hopefully it wasn't Ween.
Whew, he has some photos from yesterday.
Nah, wasn't me. Minot, ND is on the other end of the world for all intents and purposes than AZ!! But, man, Minot is a railfanners hidden dream! It was averaging 3-4 trains per hour and with almost unlimited access via parking lots, paralleling roads, overpasses, nearby hills, yards...all enshrouded with extreme personal safety (i.e. it's not E. St. Louis). It was by far, no question or doubt in my mind, the most enjoyable day of railfanning I've ever experienced. I thought Centralia, IL was supposed to be a train mecca with converging lines, but Minot blew it completely out of the water. Even though it's 3 hours west of Grand Forks, I'll be going back there when I can. Grand Forks looks like Altus after my visit there this weekend! Thanks for noticing, Joe!
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