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Okay, the lunar eclipse is over, now back to the important stuff.

Originally Posted by Ween
Not me. I'm glad you took the time to research and be patient. This shot, while having flaws, is a good first step to RP (it's composed well, the lighting is good, etc.). However, it's not the right dimensions for needs to be more in line with 1024 x 683 pixels at the least.

Also, I rotated the first rejection CCW 1.3 degrees.

In addition, looking at the histogram, it was on the dark side. I went to the Levels finction and moved the white slider to the left to brighten the image. It made the white snow white(r).

I resized so it would fit here and applied a USM of 40/0.4/0. However, for a regular image, I'd apply 100/0.5/0 to the full size image, resize to 1024 pixels, and one more round of USM 50/0.4/0. Don't be afraid of USM!
Thanks -- specifics like this are very helpful. Looking at your suggested numbers for the USM, I can see that I really hammered the third image with it.

I'm not afraid of the USM, really, It's more a matter of unfamiliarity--not the process, but the mentality. I guess I have some residual habits of mind from the photography I've done in the past--mostly newspaper work and photo-illustrated freelance features. That was always about trying to capture the moment, about making the camera a witness. Document the scene. Find the best angle. Use the available light (flash changes people's behavior). Compose in camera. Get good coverage (when in doubt, take more photos--film is cheap, and the moment is fleeting). There was neither the time (nor, really, the technology) to try to enhance reality afterward. Most of my published photos were untouched except for cropping.

Originally Posted by Ween
Also, whenever re-working an image, try to not to work on the JPG copy you've been working on. I'd suggest starting over from the original.
Yeah, I'm aware of the consequences of compound lossy compression. I try to resist the temptation to do intermediate saves with JPGs. I probably do forget myself occasionally, though, as I'm also doing a lot of scanning of 35mm slides and negatives (meaning my originals are more forgiving PSDs and TIFFs, not JPGs).

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