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But, of course, eventually I got to the point where I thought I had -enough- of it figured out to try a few submissions. (Some of you are laughing now. That's okay.)
Not me. I'm glad you took the time to research and be patient. This shot, while having flaws, is a good first step to RP (it's composed well, the lighting is good, etc.). However, it's not the right dimensions for needs to be more in line with 1024 x 683 pixels at the least.

Also, I rotated the first rejection CCW 1.3 degrees.

In addition, looking at the histogram, it was on the dark side. I went to the Levels finction and moved the white slider to the left to brighten the image. It made the white snow white(r).

I resized so it would fit here and applied a USM of 40/0.4/0. However, for a regular image, I'd apply 100/0.5/0 to the full size image, resize to 1024 pixels, and one more round of USM 50/0.4/0. Don't be afraid of USM!

Also, whenever re-working an image, try to not to work on the JPG copy you've been working on. I'd suggest starting over from the original.
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