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Ok, here we go.

1. glare / reflection from the window behind you, SUPER DISTRACTING - and lots of NOISE in there
2. Air intake hump thing and corresponding black /dark area - bad
3. cannot see detail on dynamic brake blister due to previously mentioned glare/reflection
4. Super distracting cable/rod/arm, whatever the hell is in the upper right of the frame, this will almost universally cause a rejection, for good reason. It's also an artistic detractor
5. Subject matter - no clear focus here. Your eyes wander, what the hell am I actually looking at here, there is no sense of what the viewer should be looking at
6. blur / lack of focus in background and ballast / trees. Nothing in focus other than the walkway of the long hood and maybe a door or 2

I'm not trying to be rude here, but there is just so much wrong here.

This is not the typical "out of the locomotive engineer's window" shot, because usually those have some sort of clear subject matter and focus to bring the viewer's eyes to.

This one has none of that, and it introduces so many bad things that it just doesn't make it a good photo, under any circumstances. And quite honestly they got it right.
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