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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Miningcamper hit on some of the issues. From my perspective, the scene is a long hood of an engine and nondescript empty track. For this to work for RP, there has to be an element of interest, whether it is a station, a train waiting in a siding, or a tunnel portal. A view out of an engine's window isn't enough to be of interest of RP, or many of its viewers. Did you take any candid shots of the engineer at work? That would be interesting.

My point wasn't to take a shot at your photo, just to say that if I were submitting it, my expectations would be that it is outside of the RP norm, and would not be accepted. Getting aggravated is a lot less productive than treating a photo like it may be pushing the limits of RP.
Doug no offense was taken to your comments. I was just wanting you to explain further. Different perspectives creates more thoughts for future planning.
I did take shots of the crew but do not have permission to post those.
Unfortunately with RP's inconsistency's, I submit every pic with expecting that something will be wrong with it, that way I'm not so disappointed. My beef is fix this, fix that, then get PAQ.....
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