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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
I do IT support too (Exchange admin), and MAC products are the SCOURGE of Enterprise IT.

They are NOT Enterprise products, they dont fit in, you cant manage them (without hellaciously expensive third party products), they dont play nice with things that actually make our company money.

They are toys for executives, but we cant tell them no. You have no idea how much resources (read: money) trying to shoehorn these things into our network, only to allow the VIP's to play angry birds without using their airtime...

Yea, i'm not jaded...
Ditto - I do IT infrastructure support as well. Macs have their niche and what they do well, they do very well, and the people that use them look no further than that.

I agree with you, try incorporating them into a PC centric corporate IT infrastructure (and 99.99999% of places are PC based rather than Mac) and you are entering a world of pain - small example. Standard diagram tool in our company like many others is MS Visio. There is no Mac version of Visio or any free viewing tools, you have to use paid for 3rd party products that in many cases don't do a very good job of converting the diagrams and cause more issues when they are amended and passed back to the PC people.

Its better now than it was 20 years ago, mainly because there is better support from Microsoft for Macs rather than the other way round - and at least we don't have to deal with OS/2 Warp and its predecessors any more

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