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Originally Posted by Greg P View Post
I would just like to share; my real bill paying job is in IT Support and we had a Mac virus hit our campus.

They do exist, the idea that Macs are fundamentally invulnerable is not true. It is true that it is harder for a Mac to get a virus, but it is not impossible.
I do IT support too (Exchange admin), and MAC products are the SCOURGE of Enterprise IT.

They are NOT Enterprise products, they dont fit in, you cant manage them (without hellaciously expensive third party products), they dont play nice with things that actually make our company money.

They are toys for executives, but we cant tell them no. You have no idea how much resources (read: money) trying to shoehorn these things into our network, only to allow the VIP's to play angry birds without using their airtime...

Yea, i'm not jaded...
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