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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
The responses here land solidly on the conservative, journalistic, document dogma side. In other words, a photograph cannot be enjoyed unless reality grounded. Fair enough.
I think you overlooked something in the replies - a photograph CAN be enjoyed even if it is not reality grounded - just not here, on RP. Why? Because RP is a conservative, journalistic, document oriented site.

An analogy which I like to use often is that of the car show.

Most can appreciate a Shelby Mustang clone - the investment and hard work that someone may have put into a "fake" /non- authentic Shelby Mustang look-alike, whether it is was made of fiberglass, or LEGO's, or has a motor in it built by someone other than by Ford.

Most can appreciate an authentic Shelby Mustang with aftermarket wheels and a body painted in a color never available from the factory. Hell, make it chrome put giant wing on the trunk if you want.

Just don't expect a big welcome mat should you attempt compete with others in a competition or show where authenticity is expected.

There are places where such work can be better appreciated and more welcomed - for illustrations, try "Deviantart", or perhaps FLICKR, or, ironically, any number of "photography" magazines. Just keep in mind, should you submit an image to a "photography" magazine - illustrations OK in "Nature Photographer", but not so much in "National Geographic"!

As for reality - what truly impresses me - at least in "the real world" are those I would consider "Masters of Reality". That's a challenge! To find and capture a scene that stands apart from the rest without excessive use of Lightroom sliders and PS manipulations. Some of those who I believe have mastered that task with regularity include yourself. Samuel Phillips, Walter Scriptunas, Pete Lerro, Georg Trub, maybe Loyd - not sure, he needs to post more stuff, lol, those, just to name a few.


PS - One word of caution regarding Facebook:
Everybody loves everything... sometimes, however, "Likes" represent more respect and admiration to the author than the work itself.

Here's a link to "Deviant Art"

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