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"Dennis, I suspect that the audience here on the forums is not the best one with which to pursue your quest for the type of opinions you are seeking."
Kevin Madore

I am looking to get a dialogue going with accomplished shooters of trains and this is the only forum of such people that I know of.

Kevin, I will say I assumed as much going in but was hoping to jog loose some thoughts others may have been feeling.

So I have to say I find it strange and unfortunate on a website that is about creating meaningful images, that the participants of said website's forum appear to have zero interest in taking their conservative photography anywhere else.

At this point, I will continue to go for the best images I can do. I relish what the next time going out will capture.

However, I am afraid that at this point it will be more of the same stuff I have done already.

Instead of that, I want to grow. Seeking the spirit of the image is the only way I see to go.

I Foam Therefore I Am.

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