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Originally Posted by Aaron Jors
If I right click and bring up properties the dimensions show 982x601. I however did figure out the problem and it seems that it didn't like the file name of _IMG_4841 and when I changed it to just 4841 it went through.

The other thing I found out is that it won't let you submit the picture without putting in the type of locomotive. I have no idea what locomotives are what so I guess I'll be doing alot of posting to get the answer to this question.
Hmm, I wonder from where the info in my "Properties" comes from? Or what the forum software or my browser is doing to the shot?

Regarding file names, I don't know how long you have been shooting or what your style is, but I hope you have a meaningful filing and probably file naming system so that ten years from now you know what _IMG_4841 is!

EDIT: I see from your website that actually you are an experienced photographer! So I'm sure you have the name thing down just as you want it, sorry. BTW, very nice shot of the barn in snow in the opening slide shot, simple yet a really nice feel to it.

As for loco info, the quickest way to get it is to search RP for other shots of the same engine, and barring that, other shots of similar numbers or of the same RR (assuming it's not a huge RR). Google works also.
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