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Originally Posted by Ween
I know this is the off topic forum, but man, I hope this doesn't devolve into a political debate...there's too much of that stuff on the net these days...
If you didn't want to see this disolve into a political debate/ discussion then why did you post this? (Quotes below)This was after everyone one else responded without making political remarks or the remarks were pretty neutral in tone.

Originally Posted by Ween
Well, I don't know what this is then:
GOP (Grand Oil Party)

Keep that in mind when you head for the polls. It's time for a change.

Originally Posted by Ween
Throttles idle, full nose down, full left rudder...we're starting to spin out of control...
If you don't like the debate why feed it? If Hoydie's comments would have been left alone, they probably would have died out and we would move on to more stimulating discussion.

Originally Posted by Ween
I could talk about what I had for breakfast today if I felt like it (it was frosted mini-wheats, BTW).
I had fruit flavored Cheerios for breakfast, its like Fruit Loops, but without the sugar.

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