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Lets try to focus on something that we all like to discuss.
I tried this quote already with some levity added in, but it did no good.

Therefore the only right you or anyone else has is to either participate in the discussion about the subject, or move on to another thread.
So I have only the two options you listed? That's it? But I thought this was an off topic thread and, in your own words, "Last time I checked I'm an American, that means I'm entitled to my opinion. As long as I post it in an off-topic forum that management has so graciously provided and I do not violate the codes of conduct" I can post whatever I want to as well, on subject or not. I could talk about what I had for breakfast today if I felt like it (it was frosted mini-wheats, BTW).

But what my beef in this thread has become is this: Why can you post whatever you want in the off topic thread and use the 'it's off topic so I can post whatever I want and voice my opinion,' but yet, I can't respond to it in whatever manner I want?

I think it's more of the "If I say it, it's right. If you disagree, you're wrong." attitude you seem to bring here frequently.
Well, not to prove your point for you, but this baited statement only leads to: you're wrong. Sorry you feel that way, but I'm actually a very open-minded person...I have to be with my job. Sorry you don't like people who have strong opinions, but that's life. And if you don't like the opinion or the person saying it, don't read least that's what I'm getting out of this thread...
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