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Originally Posted by Ween
Does anybody find it ironic I'm catching flack for voicing my opinion about somebody else voicing their opinion? Man, those two-way streets can get congested with irony/hypocrisy pretty quick sometimes!
There's no 2 ways about it Ween, you voiced your opinion in a round-about way that there was no need for this "political debate" here on these forums. And as I said, it's an OFF TOPIC forum, and I didn't violate published standards for these message boards. As it's been said, if you don't like it, ignore it an go on to something else, why pointlessly chime up that YOU don't want to see this stuff?

Therefore the only right you or anyone else has is to either participate in the discussion about the subject, or move on to another thread. Not to tell me that this isn't the place, or that you don't want to hear it in a round-about manner. You talked about discretion, it was your discretion that allowed you to read the thread and then post an unrelated response to it.

There's political debate all over these forums without me talking about gas prices which by the way, are just as related to railfanning as a discussion about police officers being overzealous and hostile towards railfans.

Admittedly, I wasn't addressing the impacts of gas prices on railfanning, BUT we have all felt the effects of gas prices one way or the other.

As a little man with big ears once said, albeit inter alia, by voting, you hire someone to do a job to keep you somewhat of a happy taxpayer. If they don't do that job, it's your civic duty to fire them, that's all I was getting at, nothing more nothing less. I never liked that guy, but I have to admit, he was on to something.

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