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Throttles idle, full nose down, full left rudder...we're starting to spin out of control...
Who cares? Hoydie is just stating an opinion. Do I totally agree with it? No. Am I gonna waste my time typing a response? No. Am I gonna change my opinion based on his comments? No

This is all true, but this is where posting discretion comes into play.
That is a two way street.

Dude, I do not see how you can sit here and tell anyone not to state an opinion. Cause when you disagree with anything anyone says, they usually receive a flaming wall of text lecture. I know, I got one a few weeks ago when you had to toss your hat into the ring on the RP Elite membership thread, and try and cut me down for not buying a membership in the first place. And on this thread you are right in the middle of it again, stirring the pot.

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