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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Most UAVs will display a warning, and require an override by the user to fly in restricting locations. Any UAV running on AIRMAP software will be unable to leave the ground unless a key is provided to assure permission was granted.

Loyd L.
I really applaud what the manufacturers are doing. Before the advent of some of these controls, there were some really scary YouTube videos posted of people flying at altitudes well above 400 AGL and in the clouds. The latter really scares the heck out of those of us who fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), because we rely on Air Traffic Control (ATC) to avoid other aircraft when we can't see them and of course, when we are in the clouds, we can't see anything.

To me, the key thing to make drone flying safe is training. The world of aviation has its own procedures, rules and regulations and unfortunately, the general public (and the media) are virtually clueless about how it all works. It is a completely different world. As a driver, you wouldn't want a clueless person on the highway who didn't know a thing about the rules. The same is true about aviators. Before anyone would hand the me the keys to an airplane (yes, light aircraft do have keys), I had to prove to the Feds that I was capable of operating in the National Airspace System without hurting anybody or creating any kind of havoc. I had to take many hours of expensive training, and take both written and practical tests to prove that I had the knowledge and skill to fly. I think it only makes sense that drone operators should have to take some sort of basic course, so that they understand how they fit into the system, and what rules they are expected to follow. Unfortunately, the sort of "orientation" class that I speak of isn't something you can cover in a 10 minute briefing.

Good discussion, even if we've wandered way the heck off topic.

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