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Like you, I am of the belief that photos with less-than-RP-textbook lighting can be perfectly acceptable, and side lighting without well-lit noses does not necessarily constitute a bad photo. I frequently submit images with less than optimal lighting conditions, with the expectation that they will get rejected, but sometimes the screener will see other merits that outweigh this "flaw". Recently, some of these photos that made the cut have been placed in an album:

The theme of this album is that European photographers are the victims of discrimination, and North American photographers don't receive rejections for bad lighting conditions, especially the so-called backlighting. Believe me, I have had plenty of images rejected for this reason, and I'm sure that many other contributors from this side of the pond have had similar experiences with the screening process. While there is a natural human tendency to be more critical of unfamiliar material, I think that your perception of this bias is somewhat overstated, because you don't see the majority of the rejections that North American photographers receive.

If you truly feel that non-North American photographers never get good photos in bad lighting or without nose light accepted, please consider these recent additions to the database:

If I had taken these, whould they be added to the album?

Doug Lilly

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