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Jean-Marc -

Not the best examples to prove your point.

I agree, dull and flat lighting "saved" by a black and white rendition vs a dramatic and moody b&w photo, though, none-the-less, certainly more appealing and unique to the database then 60 /70% of what got accepted that same day.

Best fix for RP, in my opinion - other than having admin care to check in now and then, as well as fix some issues (can't add to an album any longer, nor view the abbreviated EXIF info) would be adopting and following a new theme - "Best Railroad PHOTOGRAPHERS on the NET". Keep the rejections, ease up on the rejected appeals - especially for well revered patrons - or patrons that achieve a specific statistic (length of time as a patron, a number of PC's, a resume of "X" number of published images, a high enough views per image ranking (though it would be a shame to have photographers remove photos from the database as we, I think, we all value RP as a place not just for pretty photos, but news, historical reference and general reference as well. Admin would be hypocritical if they said otherwise considering the "love" for wrecks), ect.

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