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Default So who's chasing N&W 611 this weekend? - just realized something

I'm heading up to Roanoke to chase the 611. I'm real familiar with the area, however I realized when I looked at the schedule, the outbound trips for both the morning and afternoon runs are going to be opposite of good light...

And as a photographer that is UBER frustrating. All the good spots are going to be backlit the entire outbound trip. Both days.

I know they don't arrange these things for photographers, but damn, if they reversed the departures, it would be perfect... so frustrating

Inbound back to Roanoke, I know those spots will be in better light, but I can think of a few places, namingly Montgomery, Shawsville, Christiansburg are pretty much better shots "Westbound", especially the tunnel at Montgomery. While it's POSSIBLE to get to the East portal of Montgomery tunnel, logistically it will be difficult for this trip. The only road up to it is technically someone's driveway and they are not going to be tolerant of THIS many railfans.

By the way, who's going to be there this weekend?
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