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Seems to me there are two things at work here. One Kevin was taking an image that did not look good as originally exposed and processing it into a serviceable, actually a very nice, image. This is conceptually very similar to what I do with my old poorly exposed slides. I think Mitch used the term "recovery".

But at the same time, and I think this is what Janusz is getting at, Kevin has adopted a style of imagery that is very bright, saturated, and contrasty. In film terms one might call it the old Kodachrome saturated look taken a step farther. A few of Kevin's images almost have a glow in the dark golden halo, at the risk of perhaps exaggerating a bit. In most cases it is very attractive, indeed I have (unsuccessfully) tried to replicate it occasionally. But this is where we get into the gray area of realism versus art. Mitch called it "enhancement".

Kevin is pushing the boundary, and I think this is good. And he gets away with it because he is talented. But others may try similar things with less success. It makes setting rules difficult.
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