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Originally Posted by bigiron View Post
OK, I saw a few different shots the other day catching up on things and was surprised by several shots that seem out of kilter and just processed into unrealistic shots and more like a "painted shot and deferred from starting a thread but now seeing the comments on two of the pictures I do wonder how the followers feel on this new more accepted view of shots?

Image © Greg Grice
PhotoID: 572268
Photograph © Greg Grice
Hence my comment on the photo:

Posted by Jim Thias on April 7, 2016
Can you post a link to the unedited version? Would be interesting to see how much processing was done to this.
And Greg's response:

Posted by Greg Grice on April 10, 2016
The photo is processed more than I wanted to but was done to meet guidelines. As commented above, it does actually look like a painting which I kinda like. When I get the photo to my site, I'll be sure to post a link.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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