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Wow. So much to comment on in this thread.... Where to begin?

I think that if you've been an RP contributor for a lot of years...8 in my case, you cannot help but notice that the standards for acceptance have morphed quite a bit over the both directions. In the beginning, the quality of some of the stuff that was accepted absolutely pales in comparison to what would be considered good today. Then, for a good while, things got really tight. If you shot a diesel wedgie on a cloudy day, your chances of getting that on were slim and none. Today, I think that the site owners give quite a bit of latitude. Instead of enforcing hard and fast rules, I think they look at each image and ask the questions: Does it meet basic technical standards and is it interesting enough that people will want to look at it? The process isn't perfect, but we get to see a lot more shooting and editing styles than we used to, and I think that's a good thing.

As for heavy processing/editing, I think you see it for several reasons. In some cases, it may be intentional, and the photographer is going for a particular look that may well be painting-like. In other cases (like mine), the photographer was shooting in a very difficult lighting situation and the heavy editing is necessary to render a usable image.

Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 572684
Photograph © Kevin Madore

I'll be the first to admit that shots like this one are pretty heavily edited. This image was shot on a dreary, cold day that featured freezing rain. ISO was above 800 all day....3200 max. It was an event, so I didn't have a choice to pick a nicer day. I had to balance the exposure for the bright sky above and the dark conditions in the woods, then use almost every slider in LR to get it looking as much as possible like my eye saw it....and that was the goal. I wasn't trying to make it look like a painting and I hate it when I see comments to that effect, because in my mind, they're telling me I failed. Perhaps 30 people took shots of this scene from various angles. I have yet to see anyone post anything publicly and perhaps that's an indication that others found it difficult as well.

As for the three shots posted in the OP, I agree with Mathieu's assessment that the first shot probably features liberal use of the clarity slider....whether intentional or not. I would not have used that much. When you get much above +50, clarity makes everything glow like it was nuked.

In Greg's shot, I might grab the "Lights" slider and bring it back a tad. That one also has more clarity than I like.

I rather suspect that Ilya was going for a particular artful look. If you examine his work, this image is not atypical. I think he knows his way around LR or PS and he's developed a style. I might edit the shot differently, but I am glad that RP chose to accept it as Ilya intended it.

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