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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The only way to not produce more of the same, is to produce more of the same where no one else does. At least that's how I'm justifying multi-hour drives to chase little known railroads in lesser known areas.

I've been intensely photo'ing the Rapid City, Pierre, & Eastern (RCPE) since last September from their eastern end in Minnesota to a point about a quarter of the way from their terminus in Wyoming. It's a 600 mile trip I've been doing most weekends (as far as Wall, SD.) It's just me and the coyotes, cows, and muleys out there after sunset. Still, it's hard to come up with something new I haven't done before somewhere in the past nine years. I mean, after about my first hundred of them, I started looking for something else besides grain elevators.

Next month it will be warm enough for me to just sleep in my van when the trains stop for crews, and I'll do that western end of the line into Wyoming. No one has ever shot any of these night operations before. It's a struggle to come up with new ideas every time I go out. My intention is to put about a year into intensely photo'ing the RCPE men and machines in different seasons and times of the day. It's the kind of methodical, in depth project I've always wanted to do but never made time for. I completely agree with you about the lesser known railroads in that they are less "sterile" and often have more interesting equipment and scenery. The employees are often easier to get to pose for me too. Everyone who comes out my way seems to head to the BNSF/UP PRB lines, but no one looks for the Ellis & Eastern, Minnesota Prairie Line, or Minnesota Southern. One of my favorites, the Nee-Nee (Nebraska Northeastern), that was running grungy SD-40 tunnel motors (!) was bought out by BNSF last year. It's just not the same now. The tunnel motors, and the part time train men/part time farmers that ran them, are both now gone.

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