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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I just went through 4-5 of Grumpy's most recent posts, starting with the one you linked. "killin' it" ??? Not in my view, looks like he is a very boring aerial wedgie shooter. From what I see of the posts I looked at, he does nothing to take advantage of having a copter. He may be technically precise, his DSLR may offer a different distortion profile, but to what end? I'd much rather see shots of the type seen in this thread, despite the distortion (which is adjustable in post anyway, I would think).
4 or 5 posts? He's been posting train pics on that blog for many years (and on a regular basis...he's quite the diehard blogger!), and I'm guessing posting aerial pics for the last 6 months to a year. You're gonna need to look at a much larger sampling than that. I'd post some examples here but I'm not sure how he feels about his images being posted elsewhere on the web (especially on RP, which I doubt he's very fond of).

So far, he's got THE highest quality aerial train pics I've seen.

I have no idea who Grumpy is nor have I ever even seen a photo of him. However, I think he is one of the most technically accurate and intelligent photographers I've ever followed. And for someone like me who is super OCD about photography, it was natural for me to become a fan of his work.
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