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I've been contacted by law enforcement on several occasions, though not as much recently as I did in the few years immediately after 9/11. As I tend not to trespass blatantly (and if I'm in a grey area, I exercise the utmost caution and respect for the property), and try not to hang around suspicious areas, most of these encounters are basically a simple question about what I'm doing. The cop may or may not run my license, but in all my experiences they have concluded I'm no threat and let me be. It has always been my philosophy to be respectful and cooperative, and I've never had a negative encounter.

On rare occasions, railroad employees have informed me that I'm not somewhere I'm supposed to be, or that they simply don't like me being there. As this has always happened on Class I railroads (i.e. nothing special or unique), I simply move on - just not worth a confrontation in my opinion.
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