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So...that belabored "leaning" shot of mine was accepted (after I "fixed" it), and I see it's now a Top Shot. Mmmmm......

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 483953
Photograph © Ron Flanary

Still....I don't mind using the rotation tool on Photoshop to level a shot, but I still have heartburn when I'm forced to use the lens correction tool to address what is perceived as distortion (as I did for this image). In the case of the subject shot, I had the horizontal features just right---horizontal---but the handrails on the unit were leaning to the right. It was shot at 45mm, so that's close to "normal." In 100 percent of the time years ago, that shot would have never been questioned. Now, it is.

But---I can't win that argument, so I capitulated. And yes...a simple note from the screener would have saved much angst on my part (but, that's a private matter we've discussed off list).

At the end of the day, I shouldn't be so damn touchy. My photography isn't good enough to warrant it.
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