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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
And who is being stopped from just taking train pictures and not having to fret over so many details? There are a million places you can share your images where no screening is involved. Why would you have to fret over details here if you didn't care for that? There must be a reason you still submit to RP, even though you dislike the screening process. And if you choose to do so, then why is it hard to play by their "rules"? I have no problem with it at all. If they want me to crop my image differently to be on their site, fine. The crop I like will be on flickr, or my photobucket acct, or wherever. I have never once felt pressured or forced into submitting photos to RP. It's been of 100% free will, and always playing their game, which at times I find to be a fun challenge. And for Pete's sake, sometimes they just happen to like photos the way *I* want them to be, too!
Thank you Jim. I love a lecture just before I go off to bed...

No, I don't want to think too much about "rules" when I photograph. I'd like to think I have enough sense to know what to do by now. Sometimes posting images to is like masochism---but since I'm kind of into bondage, leather and whips, I keep coming back for more...

Seriously...the new standards are fine. They appear to be more precise with respect to the various things they tend to favor in photos. Nothing wrong with that.
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