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Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
Truckers and Railroaders, who else does Troy want to throw under the bus today?

A lot more to the railroad than that, and beyond that driving semi is not nearly as easy as you are insinuating either.

Maintenance men on your poop list too? Farmers?
I'm not throwing anyone under the bus except the train crews with bad attitudes.

The point I was making was that railroaders and truckers are similar jobs, one gets paid a whole lot more. Presumably because it is perceived to be a more dangerous job, with bad working hours/conditions. Truckers I would say is just as, if not more dangerous. More truckers are killed on the job in a year than engineers/conductors. And in particular, these train crews with bad attitudes, which thankfully are in the minority, seem to be taking their nice paying job for granted. If they dont like railfans, they can be truckers.

Didnt expect you to be able to read between the lines...
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