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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
With a bazillion images in the queue, the screener probably didn't check the date and gave Tom a free pass on an SP image that looked much older then it was (1980). No problem for me - I find value in RP as a database probably just as much (if not more) then a site with "The BEST railroad photos on the net". Remove 80% of the wrecks, rosters and Darwin's and I'll re-evalute my statement - actually, no - leave it all, it has MUCH more value as usually is.

I agree. You can't compare a slide image from 1980 to something you shot with a digital camera yesterday. Apples and oranges. For sure, if this shot had been taken with a digital camera yesterday, it wouldn't have been accepted. But---older shots like this get some latitude, and for good reason.
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