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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
I've seen many Rezenberger vans stuck before and heard stories of hi-railers getting stuck while setting off... I get stuck all the time (almost did yesterday), I'm used to it... Maybe I should stop being so adventurous...
Na, get a winch, a dead man, a good shovel and a set of tow chains.

When I was up there on the 4th, the roads got real yucky by the end of the day and I didn't even try to go all the way to CP Walker.

I went across the first ford of the creek and got up on the other side and the dirt was just slick as butter.

Since the light was gone I turned around (carefully) and went back out.

20 years ago I would have went for it just because I could, but I hate digging and I am smarter now, which is the way to rationalize getting old and lazy.
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