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My best friend from high school was a Mac head, and eventually convinced me to get one. I purchased an iBook laptop and loved it so much I suggested an Apple when my parents were looking for a new computer. My dad was hesitant, but bit the bullet and got a Mac Mini - in the four years since then, my family has picked up another Mac Mini, an iMac, and a MacBook. I picked up a Mac Mini to replace my old iBook, and my wife's got a MacBook too. After providing tens of hours supporting my in-law's PC's, I suggested they try the Apple products. They now have four Apple laptops, which they use for their primary computers. I've spent more time messing around with drivers and network settings on the PC they still have than I have helping out with the four other Macs.

Between myself, my wife, and both of our families, once any of us had tried using a Mac, none of us have even considered looking at a new PC. Yes, the Apples are more expensive up front, but when you factor in the quality of the experience, and the amount of time you'll save by not screwing around with viruses, spyware, adware, network settings, and the like, they're a bargain. If the new models are too spendy, take a look at eBay.
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