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We use Imac G5's at school. I hope to buy one for myself by the end of the year.

My biggest reason for wanting one is mentioned above, virtually no viruses. I have had so much trouble with viruses on my PC in the past few weeks that I actually had to buy real Anti Virus software.

I also like the size of the ones at school, everything is right there inside the monitor, all of it, that is a big space saver, though PC's are slowly starting to adapt this(like the new HP's). I also like the fact that if a program freezes up you usually have the ability to do the "force quit" operation. On PC's you can try doing CTRL ALT DLT but 99% of the time this does not work and only prolongs the problem.

Operation wise, the ones at school are usually flawless, they work faster, I can work on more images, and do more. I can not compare my PC at home to the Macs at school, mainly because my PC is 3 or 4 years old and only has 256mb of ram.
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