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apparently you have never worked with the railroad rules before. There are literally thousands of pages and they change daily
Not railroad rules, but aviation related, and there are thousands and thousands of rules just for flying in the U.S. alone (not even counting those covering the operation of the specific aircraft you're in). Going over the oceans or flying in different countries adds on a couple powers more. And they are all subject to immediate change. But not knowing them is not an excuse for violating them.

And maybe it's not this way in the RR world, but in the flying world, there are recourses available if you've been "wronged" by management". Plus, if you're uncertain how a rule is to be interpretted, find out how leadership views it or interprets it. I know with our directives, most of them anyway, have a process where if they're wrong, confusing, or make no sense, there's a process where you have the power to submit corrections/clarifications. That gives you some control over the rules you are supposed to adhere to. Throwing your arms up in the air and saying "there are just too many rules we have to follow so I'm not going to learn them the best I can" isn't the answer...
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