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In Burner's defense, if he is on the ground, he is doing his job. He should not have to babysit railfans that may be getting too close, and just do his job unimpeded.
I don't think his job description has anything in it about "being responsible for other people/nonemployees" and/or "babysit everyone you see with a camera". In other words, he doesn't have to worry about someone with a camera unless of course there's a violation of safety.

Reading his posts it almost seems as if he's more concerned about being caught violating a rule than anything else. My response to that would be to a) know the rules and b) follow them regardless if someone's there with a camera or not. If you're worried about doing something wrong and being caught because you didn't know the rule, then the problem isn't the dude with the's the fact that you're violating/not aware of the rules...
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