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i dont expect you to know when i'm breaking any rules.

So far *knock on wood* I have not had any discipline brought against me, but if I see somebody with a camera taking pictures of my every move I get nervous that maybe one of the thousands of rules was forgotten and you're working for the weed weasels trying to nail me.

I get nerous because this is my job, this is my life. If i dont have it then My wife goes back to work and I have to work some other crummy job and my kids suffer...

okay... well seriously I know that you dont know all the rules... Neither do I, thats the part i dont like. Maybe you catch me breaking a rule that i wasnt aware of, or i'm in a momentary lapse of judgement for whatever reason I dont care... I just dont like having my picture taken while I'm on the ground working... Maybe if there was ACTUALLY something interesting going on it would be different. And I can understand if i'm working with special power or a special cargo. But usually when I get my picture taken I'm not doing those things, And it makes me nervous...


lol hehe... okay i'm done with the overdramatic stuff. But seriously when there is somebody out there taking a picture of me and I get nervous or flustered that is when accidents do happen.

USUALLY If I dont like somebody watching me while I'm on the ground I simply stop what I'm doing and notify the 'spatcher that theres some susicous people hanging around. I hate to do that because somebody has a hobby but I will. I know nothing will happen to you and you will probably be back tomorrow if you even leave but that may get you to stop taking pictures of me.

And you keep comparing your news van to my job... sorry you are doing something with local "celebrities" and are more than likely in a public area. I am in a private area that is many times secluded. And you say "many people ask" key word there is ASK to take pictures... Most foamers do not.

IN closing, If I am in an area that has few roads in or out, many natural or manmade barriers and many "no trespassing" signs then I have an expectation of privacy. Whether or not you agree with me I guess is the courts decision.

I do not hate foamers and I have no problem with your hobby. I personally do not like having my picture taken when i am on the ground working. If i'm in the power or rolling down the track sure take all the pictures you want. I might just take one of you

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