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Unfortunately, at this event, it was difficult to get images that didn't include spectators. The looky-loos were pretty much everywhere, unless you hiked out into the boonies. In some locations, there was a modicum of organization, but in other locations it was pure bedlam. That's why we have Photoshop.

Honestly, the clowns who clawed their way up the ballast to within 5 feet of the train didn't bother me as much as the yo-yos who paced the train, either on the interstate or on the secondary roads, and in the process, created major traffic issues. Those folks basically thumbed their noses and obstructed hundreds of other people, be they photographers attempting to get ahead of the train.....or truckers simply trying to get their loads to market. I've never understood pacers and never will. After 10-15 seconds, what's the point?

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