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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Sean, though RP's content may not be 100% "the Best on the 'Net", it certainly is one of the best railroad photography sites on the 'Net. You do not have to view every picture, you can easily search by name, favorites, and comments to weed out the lower quality images. I'd say you could search "most popular", but you'd still have to weed out most linked.

The best thing about RP, one I'm sure you'll acknowledge, is its ease of use and access. Who has time to visit everyone here on RP via each and everyone's own web page? I miss being spoon fed images from many great photographers who have long since departed RP, or like yourself, pop in and remind the rest of us that they still exist. It's a shame RP does not seem to be moving in a direction where it could be the de facto place to be. I imagine if the process was more considerate of it's best patrons, that would not be the case. Each success story would likely spur another.

I think you'll find Flickr is growing in popularity with railfans as you have the ability to control the content you see from the photographers you like, and, if the photog has taken the time to tag his/her photos, the search function is pretty good as well.

My photo views/favorites on Flickr rival my views/favorites on RP all without having to go through the hassle of the screening/appeals process. In addition, something you'd like, Mitch, people tend to leave more comments over on Flickr than they do here (again, all without a screening process) which gives you more feedback than you'd get here with the having your photo screened or by the number of favorites you receive here.

It's been a slow build with Flickr in terms of popularity and ease of use, but I think a tipping point has come...
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