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Originally Posted by bigiron View Post
Thanks Trey for the information as I needed a budge in the right direction. I just searched it and came up with this and a couple of more and seems you were right on...if you scroll down on the page you'll see the same shape boiler. Can you tell me if you think the same train having those large diameter pipe would be using those pipe for the same installation or use? From the looks of it, seems like it's part of the energy boom taking place in the US right now and I'm thinking since the train was headed south on the River Line, maybe going to a refinery or oil/gas field south of New York?

Thanks Rich
I work in a coal fired power plant and we have small boilers like that which are used to make steam to assist the main 2 boilers in unit start ups.

Not sure on the big pipes. I wouldn't think those pipes have anything to do with boilers. Almost look like the big culverts that are being installed now in place of small bridges.

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