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Default If you were a screener what would you think?

OK board, been waiting a few days to get the final say on my appeal but since I haven't heard yet I wanted to get some of your opinions on this picture and the "PEQ" rejection after a cropping and under sharpened one before the time limit to view the picture is expired. I know the PEQ seems like the kiss of death to a submission but what are your thoughts?

I will add in the appeal I basically said " I'm scratching my head on the PEQ rejection as shots like this have been and still are being added to the site and generally they are of higher interest in terms of views. I am just looking for some consistency in what is viewed as right and wrong even though there are many opinions. I feel this shot would've made a nice addition to the site. I then added two examples of recent additions to the site to back my claim and mentioned there are more. I put a third one of a older one of mine too in this thread.

The two examples:

Mine from a few years ago..

Just looking for some constructive feedback for all parties interested .

Thanks,, Rich
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