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Febuary 22nd is start date I have heard. A GP30 or GP35 should be the power, but I have no idea if it's made its way out of Wilson yet. Of course, that start date doesn't necessarily mean they'll be running trains then, just a matter having signed on the dotted line for the lease.
The GP30 has been assigned to Blacksburg. It will leave Wilson tomorrow (Sunday Feb 13) and be taken to Raleigh to be delivered to the NS for transit. Operations will begin on Monday Feb 21 or when the locomotive arrives.

Industrial Minerals is currently transloading their outbound loads via truck to railcar at Spartanburg. Once the take-over takes place, they'll be back to loading directly to railcar at Kings Creek. Provided that NS gets the GP30 to Blacksburg in a timely manner, there should be a CLNA train running on the SB line the week of the 21st.
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