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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I draw the line with LP's. Digital is so much clearer and so much more realistic to my ear.

The warmth of LP's escapes me. All I hear is hiss, rumble, limited dynamic and spacial sense. Listening to 50 year old music today in digital from the master tapes beats the heck out of an LP then or now. It's like hearing for the first time what the musicians actually wanted me to hear.

Yes, if I am fortunate to have a pristine album, no pops or clicks on my multi $$$ music system.

Then I hook up iTunes and life is even better.
I agree, Dennis. I've been a club DJ for nearly 23 years, and have a 12" single collection in the multi-thousands dating back to the mid-80s. 12" singles, especially the 45rpm versions, were some of the best quality pressed vinyl you could listen to a song on. Compare the sound of a song on a 12" vinyl single to that on an LP, and it's a night and day difference. I'd say most people who have listened to vinyl did so with LPs and not 12" singles. That being said, to this day, I've yet to hear a vinyl recording on 12" single that sounded BETTER than its CD single counterpart. Unless you have the most high quality audio equipment (I'm talking thousands of dollars for turntables, cartridges, headphones, etc), you're not going to hear that minute difference in warmth or dynamics.

I understand the sentiment that vinyl sounds warmer than CDs, but I belive much of that sentiment comes from the early days of CD production. The production/processing of vinyl hasn't changed in the 25 years since CDs debuted, but you can bet the technology for mastering and producing CDs has increased in leaps and bounds. Does ANYONE really think that the "warm" sound of vinyl hasn't been recreated on CDs in the past 25 years? You're kidding yourself if you don't think it has.

Now, if you're listening to compressed MP3s in iTunes or on your MP3 player, you can certainly hear a difference in sound quality between the MP3 and CD. That's why I can't for the life of me understand why people rip songs off of CDs at anything less than the maximum bit rate of 320. If you can tell the difference between a 320 bit rate MP3 and the CD version, then you need to have a job with the government. However, it's easy to hear the compressed artifacts of a 192 or less bit rate MP3.

And yes, CDs are dead in terms of a future. It won't be long until SSD takes over everything in the computing world. The technology of SSD drives is probably going to put the final nail in the coffin of CD players and compact discs.
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