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Originally Posted by lock4244 View Post
Lookin' forward to seeing Jim's work. I must admit, when it comes to viewing shots on RP, the older ones are getting more and more of my attention.

Haven't seen anything new for you in some time Barry... least not here.
It's not lack of desire, just the realization that though a WGRF grade roster may hold value for the old-timers like me and before, roster shots, by statement of many here and both the Chris', really don't dazzle. And there is nothing at all wrong with that.

So now I post rosters on Locophotos, and have decided that once I get cranked back up on scanning again (have about 90% of the amount of material Jim has - I hate EMDs and CF7s a little more than he does, lol), I'm only posting action here, and am going to be very selective. On LP, I only post the perfectly sunlit, un-front-coupled, brush cleared wedgies. I don't have everything re-scanned yet from here to post on LP either.

That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it. I'm reasonably sure I can get Jim's shots scanned over time and somehow legally post them here. He doesn't and hasn't shot crap; the man knows his way around a film camera, can hand-bomb it with the best of 'em, and knows his way to the WGRF. We both were mainly roster shooters, only later really going more artsy. But me, Mark ynn, Tim Jones, Dan Pope and a few others have our work cut out for us to get him on digital. Totally new parameters and workflow will likely throw him for a loop initially. Not for lack of ability, but hard-headedness; it took me 12 years from hanging up the Pentax MX to fully embracing digi; now I kick myself for not changing earlier. And Jim's more hard-headed than me, may take a little while longer to get that Canon 1DS in his hand

It's just a matter of both of us getting time around family, ya know.....

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