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I've been using flickr for a few years now. Tags are definitely a good way for your images to get found. I think I get more views from people searching for specific things or locations than from putting photos into groups. So, I try to tag as much as possible, but stay relevant. I'll always put the state and city in the tags, even if I put the photo on the map as well. Speaking of which, putting photos on the map is also a good way for people to find them.

Of course, the other way to get views is to build up a community of contacts on flickr. Usually, although not always, if you visit and comment on other's photos they will return the favor.

As for the photostream concept, it isn't the greatest thing for showing off your best or favorite work. But, what I do is create a couple of sets for those photos and make sure that those sets are the first ones that people see on my flickr home page. You can re-arrange the set ordering from within the flickr organizer.

Your photostream is the place to see your most recent uploads chronologically. It allows repeat visitors who haven't looked at your stream in a while to quickly catch up with uploads that they might not have seen yet. In that sense, it works pretty well.

Feel free to flickr-mail me over there if you have more questions. I'm only just starting to monitor the forums here (in attempt to get some photos accepted for a change).
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